Building the 4g63, Part Two

Since this is my first engine I’m building things are going slow because I’m taking more time, double checking, researching, asking questions, etc. It also goes slow because its done in my spare time after work and Brightside responsibilities are accounted for. We got it on the machine and Rob worked his magic on the CNC and the  boring of all 4 cylinders went without issue. Also in the same setup we were able to deck the head. Now we can say the cylinders are perpendicular to the cylinder bores within 0.0005. Meets my standards!


Cylinder Boring


Once Rob had that completed we moved onto one of the improvements that him and i devised would help with location of the main caps. We would dowel all the main cap bolts and clearance the block locaters so all the dowels can do there job without interference.


The advantage of this was to positively locate the main caps in position every time without any binding occurring while torquing down the caps. Hardened downs were purchased from mcmaster-carr and we were set! This day was very productive and everything went smoothly. Some search for tools around the city but otherwise i’m very happy with the outcome so far. More machining to go, i’ll write part 3 shortly.