Wow! It’s been a while!

Time flies when you’re working hard and trying to put out work that your proud of! Thought i’d take a little bit of time to update you guys on some stuff. Business has been better than ever and were thankful for our great customers for that! We’ve purchased bigger and better equipment and taken on projects we never would have years back!

As for my personal projects such as the track car eclipse and my daily Mini Cooper. They stay mainly the same because we have been so busy running the shop! I hope for this to change soon as we have grown into hiring another individual to work at Brightside to increase our throughput and get those turnaround times down.

Here’s to a great first half of 2015 and hoping that the second half is just as great which I’m confident it will be. We have now been in business for 8 years (Wow thats sometimes hard to believe) and we are where we are because of our dedication to putting out work at high quality that we’re proud of and all our customer referrals.