Short Block Build 2.0 7-bolt

So my stroker motor sits unassembled. Why? Because of time and not having the correct parts when i did have the time….wrong crank, doh!

It actually now takes the back burner as its not the motor thats going into the Eclipse for the 2014 season. The motor that going into it was machined at the same time and plenty of the same machining procedures were used including the doweled main cap bolts. The care and precision that went into machining these blocks was impeccable. Everything measures within tenths of thou of where its supposed to be. Really happy seeing this. A good engine is all about the “specs” it built to and this was was build with great attention to detail and blueprinted to “spec”.

The short block build consists of the following:

  • split thrust block
  • 9:1 Weisco Pistons
  • 150mm Standard Eagle rods
  • ACL Rod and Main Bearing
  • Balance shaft eliminated
  • ARP Head and Rod bolts
  • OEM Crank polished and balanced
  • doweled main caps
  • blocked oil squirters

It’s a very “typical” 4g63 and it should provide all the power and durability we need.


img_1361img_1372img_1100img_1336 img_1337 img_1360img_1364img_1403