Time Attack Suspension #2- Coilovers

The next component to sort out was the springs and shocks. For this we went the tried and true suspension developed by a local Canadian that campaigned a 2g DSM in autocross at the national level in the US during the early 2000s. The big change here is two things. One switching to a height adjustable coilover setup so we can set our desired ride height and second is the spring is isolated onto a spherical hat to keep the spring square through the suspension travel. Mitsubishi did this with a big squishy rubber mount but it belongs no where on a track car….

All these custom machined bits were machined by us and sent out to be hard anodized as per DG spec drawings. What an awesome guy for making the drawing available to us on his website. http://farnorthracing.com/autocross/konis.html

Thanks Dennis!

img_1704I went with quality Aurora bearings as this isn’t a place to cheap out!

img_1711 img_1712The aluminum is black in colour because they have been hard anodized for a tough wear surface. Yes even better than powder coating! Powder coating is a durable finish but nit a tough coating that can take loads like this coating can. Sorry this isn’t something Brightside can offer.


Add in all the purchased Koni bit which Dennis describes very thoroughly and assemble! Spring rates are up for debate but in the pics it shows #600 in the front and #350 in the back. The front is liekly goingto be changed to #800 or #900 after some more research and the car becoming more “race car” like.

img_2048Shiny new and all assembled. More work than anything off the shelf but there known to perform and that exactly what were after. Something that WORKS!


One more piece attached to the forked and the lower arm with the spherical joints I described in the last post. Also i should mention that since these are only considered 2-way adjustable that keeps us within the rules of CSCS street class where 3-ways are not allowed.