My Mini Purchase

Going to step back and start from the beginning……on this one. I’ll be quick!

In the winter of 2009 I finally decided that it was time to retire my beater VW Golf and get the car I had been wanting for so long….. The Golf had treated me well, got me through university traveling 120km each way multiple times a week and with next to no maintenance but sadly it had seen better days and was absolutely NO fun to drive.

I’ll probably take the time to write a separate post on the golf when i have the time. The car deserves its story to be told! Still kind of miss the thing 3yrs later. Watch out for an upcoming post about it. i’ll have to do some digging for pics but to be honest i don’t think i really took many of it while i owned it.

BUT it was replaced with the car i had been wanting for a LONG time and after 4mths of negotiating with BMW and 8weeks of waiting for the car to arrive after being ordered with the EXACT options and colour combinations that I wanted. Figured I would not compromised and go for exactly what I wanted as how often am I really going to be purchasing a new car?

And here she is, the day I brought her home.