Time Attack Suspension

Thought I’d go through the basics on what we chose to use in the complete overhaul of the suspension. To give an idea of the extent we went through. EVERY part was removed, blasted, and coated. While we were there it got all new bushings from both energy suspension (www.energysuspension.com) and Prothane bushings (www.prothane.com). img_1613 img_1632

(NOTE: We didn’t even end up using these uppers as we were able to source SPC aftermarket

upper arms)     img_1634

One of the NICEST arms on the car is this ones which got loaded with spherical bearings inboard and for the bottom shock mount. NO more slop here!! This makes me excited!

img_2346 img_2348

And on it went with reconditioning all the arms with new pressed in urethane bushings. This is a TON of work but will play huge dividends in feedback on the track and making this 17year old car drive as tight and MORE precise than new. i’ll continue showing the shocks and the other bits in another post. A lot happened with suspension in trying to get this DSM to turn.