Time Attack Build

You’ve seen the pics in the gallery but never really got into posting about the build well here it begins and i’ll try to play some catch up along with some jumping around showing the mods and reason why we chose to do them. And of course all the powder coated, ceramic coated bits that happened along the way!

The Eclipse has come along way and its nearly time to turn it over and hear the new motor run. Now that day is going to be nerve racking! Before I do that i’ve tried to eliminate some variables so i’ve gone ahead and sent the ECU to ecmlink to get a good bill of heath, fresh caps and a once over on the socket so that the ECU is reliable for the 2014 season.



Next I went ahead and switched up the OEM carbon hood with an AMB designed vented hood because of have overheating fears on the track for the 20min test sessions. DSMs run hot in there fairly crammed engine bay so i think this is a good move.



Final piece of carbon:) Is a sunroof plug in the name of weight savings. I’m weight conscious and this should do a good job of getting weight out from up high on the car!


I have to thank Ziggy from www.rtmracing.com for handling the shipping and the handling to see that these pieces reach me safely!