We’ve Moved!

Well a while ago but I thought I’d make a post about it….

As of July 1st this past summer Brightside moved into its new home at 186 Bartley Dr Unit, Toronto. Its a little smaller in sq ft but were now where the customers are and that right in Toronto so guys form the North, West and East no longer have the far trek to Whitby!

Man was moving tough. Cleaning house and getting rid of what is really not worth bringing along. Amazing what we were able to collecte in 3.5yrs at our Whitby location.

Took us a month to get back to 100% operational in our new location and don’t look forward to do that again soon anytime…..

So all those West End guys that were scared or turned off by the thought of driving to Whitby were listened and are now 5mins off the DVP at Eglinton!