Welcome Everyone!

So my first post, what to write…….. Guess will start with some background of what Brightside is and what i hope to post in this blog in the future. Brightside started out 5yrs ago now in my home garage where almost all my tinkering happened (sometimes it even spilled out onto the driveway). This blog will be exactly that, posting the projects were tinkering with, trying out, experimenting and the projects we take on as a business and personally. You’ll find I jump around a bit in the projects as I’m always juggling time, commitments and deadlines for customers, family and events that come up throughout the year so unfortunately not many of the projects I write will show completion from beginning to end. This is especially true for personal projects because as the business goes the customer always comes first and therefore you’ll see that customer’s projects go through the doors quickly but the personal projects tend to linger.


Nothing is more famous for this than the never ending project of my 1993 Eagle Talon TSI AWD that is going on 5yrs since it last left my driveway……. A lot has happened in those 5yrs though, I finished my engineering degree, got a job as a design engineer, started Brightside and progressed to what Brightside is today at 701 Brock St North! I’m very proud of all  those achievements but unfortunately the car hobby got left behind…… The passion is still there and that is the reason the car is still with me and not going any where! I’ll make a separate post about the talon and give some background of that car and my daily so look forward that to soon.


That’s the end of my first blog post! I’m soo proud about myself! Hope you guys stick around and check out all the cool things Brightside will be up to in the near future!