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Brightside Fall 2015

Slowly getting better at this! Quarterly update at least. This is usually the slow time of the year but oddly it hasn’t slowed down much. We had some cool projects come through.

Heres a cool one! Fade from blueberry illusion to gloss black.



Engine Bay Painting

Yes, we painted the entire bay and its makes a huge difference in the look of the engine bay. Well worth the effort! Don’t have a ton of pics from this stage but here after parts starting getting reattached to the firewall. It was rattle canned the factory red colour.

In the pic you can see the 3g brake master cylinder, an AFPR (which i later remove) and my braided brake lines which eliminate the ABS system.


Short Block Build 2.0 7-bolt

So my stroker motor sits unassembled. Why? Because of time and not having the correct parts when i did have the time….wrong crank, doh!

It actually now takes the back burner as its not the motor thats going into the Eclipse for the 2014 season. The motor that going into it was machined at the same time and plenty of the same machining procedures were used including the doweled main cap bolts. The care and precision that went into machining these blocks was impeccable. Everything measures within tenths of thou of where its supposed to be. Really happy seeing this. A good engine is all about the “specs” it built to and this was was build with great attention to detail and blueprinted to “spec”.

The short block build consists of the following:

  • split thrust block
  • 9:1 Weisco Pistons
  • 150mm Standard Eagle rods
  • ACL Rod and Main Bearing
  • Balance shaft eliminated
  • ARP Head and Rod bolts
  • OEM Crank polished and balanced
  • doweled main caps
  • blocked oil squirters

It’s a very “typical” 4g63 and it should provide all the power and durability we need.


img_1361img_1372img_1100img_1336 img_1337 img_1360img_1364img_1403

Time Attack Suspension #2- Coilovers

The next component to sort out was the springs and shocks. For this we went the tried and true suspension developed by a local Canadian that campaigned a 2g DSM in autocross at the national level in the US during the early 2000s. The big change here is two things. One switching to a height adjustable coilover setup so we can set our desired ride height and second is the spring is isolated onto a spherical hat to keep the spring square through the suspension travel. Mitsubishi did this with a big squishy rubber mount but it belongs no where on a track car….

All these custom machined bits were machined by us and sent out to be hard anodized as per DG spec drawings. What an awesome guy for making the drawing available to us on his website.

Thanks Dennis!

img_1704I went with quality Aurora bearings as this isn’t a place to cheap out!

img_1711 img_1712The aluminum is black in colour because they have been hard anodized for a tough wear surface. Yes even better than powder coating! Powder coating is a durable finish but nit a tough coating that can take loads like this coating can. Sorry this isn’t something Brightside can offer.


Add in all the purchased Koni bit which Dennis describes very thoroughly and assemble! Spring rates are up for debate but in the pics it shows #600 in the front and #350 in the back. The front is liekly goingto be changed to #800 or #900 after some more research and the car becoming more “race car” like.

img_2048Shiny new and all assembled. More work than anything off the shelf but there known to perform and that exactly what were after. Something that WORKS!


One more piece attached to the forked and the lower arm with the spherical joints I described in the last post. Also i should mention that since these are only considered 2-way adjustable that keeps us within the rules of CSCS street class where 3-ways are not allowed.

Time Attack Build

You’ve seen the pics in the gallery but never really got into posting about the build well here it begins and i’ll try to play some catch up along with some jumping around showing the mods and reason why we chose to do them. And of course all the powder coated, ceramic coated bits that happened along the way!

The Eclipse has come along way and its nearly time to turn it over and hear the new motor run. Now that day is going to be nerve racking! Before I do that i’ve tried to eliminate some variables so i’ve gone ahead and sent the ECU to ecmlink to get a good bill of heath, fresh caps and a once over on the socket so that the ECU is reliable for the 2014 season.



Next I went ahead and switched up the OEM carbon hood with an AMB designed vented hood because of have overheating fears on the track for the 20min test sessions. DSMs run hot in there fairly crammed engine bay so i think this is a good move.



Final piece of carbon:) Is a sunroof plug in the name of weight savings. I’m weight conscious and this should do a good job of getting weight out from up high on the car!


I have to thank Ziggy from for handling the shipping and the handling to see that these pieces reach me safely!

Brightside is now an Amsoil Dealer!


We are proud to bring you what we feel is among the best of the best in your selection of synthetic products for your engines, transmissions and brakes.

Amzoil can now be purchased through Brightside.

Ask us for pricing.

Check out for any product on information.

2013 Bike Show

Mike and I attended the last day of the Toronto 2013 Bike Show. It was good to see a hand full of our work on the bikes in the displayed in the show. My favorite displays were the really old restored pieces. A 1901 Harley, 1960 triumph, a few Nortons. The build quality and the attention to detail in making these bikes as OEM and as pristine as the day they were manufactured is what I appreciate the most.


[nggallery id=5]

Building the 4g63, Part Two

Since this is my first engine I’m building things are going slow because I’m taking more time, double checking, researching, asking questions, etc. It also goes slow because its done in my spare time after work and Brightside responsibilities are accounted for. We got it on the machine and Rob worked his magic on the CNC and the  boring of all 4 cylinders went without issue. Also in the same setup we were able to deck the head. Now we can say the cylinders are perpendicular to the cylinder bores within 0.0005. Meets my standards!


Cylinder Boring


Once Rob had that completed we moved onto one of the improvements that him and i devised would help with location of the main caps. We would dowel all the main cap bolts and clearance the block locaters so all the dowels can do there job without interference.


The advantage of this was to positively locate the main caps in position every time without any binding occurring while torquing down the caps. Hardened downs were purchased from mcmaster-carr and we were set! This day was very productive and everything went smoothly. Some search for tools around the city but otherwise i’m very happy with the outcome so far. More machining to go, i’ll write part 3 shortly.


Welcome Everyone!

So my first post, what to write…….. Guess will start with some background of what Brightside is and what i hope to post in this blog in the future. Brightside started out 5yrs ago now in my home garage where almost all my tinkering happened (sometimes it even spilled out onto the driveway). This blog will be exactly that, posting the projects were tinkering with, trying out, experimenting and the projects we take on as a business and personally. You’ll find I jump around a bit in the projects as I’m always juggling time, commitments and deadlines for customers, family and events that come up throughout the year so unfortunately not many of the projects I write will show completion from beginning to end. This is especially true for personal projects because as the business goes the customer always comes first and therefore you’ll see that customer’s projects go through the doors quickly but the personal projects tend to linger.


Nothing is more famous for this than the never ending project of my 1993 Eagle Talon TSI AWD that is going on 5yrs since it last left my driveway……. A lot has happened in those 5yrs though, I finished my engineering degree, got a job as a design engineer, started Brightside and progressed to what Brightside is today at 701 Brock St North! I’m very proud of all  those achievements but unfortunately the car hobby got left behind…… The passion is still there and that is the reason the car is still with me and not going any where! I’ll make a separate post about the talon and give some background of that car and my daily so look forward that to soon.


That’s the end of my first blog post! I’m soo proud about myself! Hope you guys stick around and check out all the cool things Brightside will be up to in the near future!